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YUMILashes USA is the sole distribution for YUMILashes within the United States. We provide training to individuals from all around the United States. Anyone is eligible to take our academy training course. However, licensing requirements vary by state and are established according to your local state boards. Primarily our Certification Courses are held year-round at our new Beverly Hills, California Academy. Although, we do offer classes in San Francisco, New York, Florida, Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Michigan. All courses are on a first come first serve basis and, due to the rapidly growing demand, we encourage applicants to reserve their spots for the trainings as soon as possible to ensure you can enroll in your desired class date


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YUMILashes is a revolutionary brand for professionals. It is the ideal way to enhance the natural beauty of eyelashes in a painless, safe and non-invasive way. You do not need traditional lash extensions or fake eyelashes in order to achieve a more natural look. This high quality lash lift solution gives your eyelashes the perfect curl and lift. Your eyes will look brighter, youthful and glamorous with this amazing lash lift treatment.


YUMILashes is an advanced keratin lash lift and enhancement technique that is designed to boost and lift the natural eyelash without the need for fake eyelashes or fake lash extensions. YUMILashes is the ideal way to enhance the natural beauty of eyelashes in a painless, safe and non-invasive way, to achieve a more natural look without having to endure uncomfortable lash extensions or fake eyelashes.

YUMILashes Keratin Lash Lift Academy

Joining the YUMILashes lash academy team provides excellent earning potential and the ability to work around your other commitments. Admission to this course requires no previous beauty background. Be the first in your area to offer this revolutionary keratin lash treatment and your own high-end eyelash training school.