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Can Lash Lifts Help You Look Younger?

Can Lash Lifts Help You Look Younger?

Can Lash Lifts Help You Look Younger?

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No matter what we do to try to look younger, there are a few things that can betray our true age. Hands show age more obviously than the other parts of the body because of their increased exposure to natural elements. Wearing hoop-style or other heavy earrings for a long time can cause earlobes to sag, another sign of age. Brows and lashes will often show a person’s age as well. As hormones change over time, hair growth slows, leading to sparser hair in the brows and lashes. While aging hands and earlobes can be difficult to manage, taking care of your lashes is an easy way to regain a youthful look. A lash lift or brow lamination treatment can be great ways to beat the signs of aging and look stunning in your later years. 

How Can Lash Lifts Help?

As you approach your 50s and beyond, you may start noticing that the skin around your eyes has started to droop. This will hide your lashes, which may already be affected by changing hormones. A lash lift treatment helps to lift your eyelashes and curl them beautifully to give you a more open-eyed look. This will draw attention away from the skin near the eyes. Instead, your eyes will become the focal point once again, which always creates a youthful appearance.

After you have gone for a lash lift treatment, you can freely use any eye makeup. However, you may not need to use any makeup at all because a lash lift will make you look naturally beautiful. Applying makeup can become even less desirable for some women as it can settle into the lines and creases of the face and detract from their natural features. In addition, eye makeup on loose skin is prone to smudging, ruining the purpose of applying makeup in the first place.

A lash lift treatment will give you a more “awake” look and you will not need any extra makeup to achieve stunning appeal. You can also opt for lash tinting to complement your lash lift procedure, which will make your eyelashes look darker and thicker. With a lash lift, there is no need for repeated treatments to maintain the beautiful curl of your lashes. A lash lift treatment can last for around 8 – 12 weeks, much longer than other eyelash treatments.

Another great thing about lash lifts is that you can use any good quality cleanser and moisturizer after 24 – 48 hours of the treatment. This ensures that your face and skin are hydrated and nourished with all the vitamins you need. That, in turn, helps to keep your skin and lashes healthy, and gives you a more youthful look.