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4 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a Lash Lift

4 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a Lash Lift

4 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a Lash Lift

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A lash lift is one of the trendiest beauty services these days due to its simplicity and low maintenance. A lash lift works to enhance your beauty by lifting your natural eyelashes and giving you a more open-eyed look. The results are instant and last for around 8 – 10 weeks without needing any touchups. What’s more, you can also wear any desired eye makeup after a lash lift treatment, which will add to your stunning looks. Below are 4 steps to prepare yourself for a lash lift procedure.

Do your Research

Just like any other beauty appointment, you need to have a good idea about what a lash lift entails before heading for the procedure. This will help to improve your overall experience and give you the absolute best results. Note that a lash lift will work differently on different people, so it may not give you the same outcome you see on others. Therefore, it is advised to do your research and talk to your beautician to learn how the procedure will suit you.

Find a Skilled Lash Lift Technician

You need to find a beauty professional that has proven experience in lash lift treatment. Moreover, check the products that your preferred lash lift technician uses. It’s always better to know what products will be used in your upcoming beauty service, and lash lifts are no different. That way, you can ensure that the treatment is safe for you. You can also opt for additional services during a lash lift treatment, such as an eyelash tint or semi-permanent mascara, to add to your natural looks. So check out what other services are offered by the beauty professional, and you may even get a discount for getting multiple services.

Prepare your Eyelashes

Once you have scheduled a lash lift appointment, you will need to prepare your eyelashes for the procedure. Interestingly, it does not require you to follow any special pre-treatment regime. You just need to ensure that your lashes are au naturel when you go for the procedure. Wash your eyelashes with soap and water and do not wear any kind of eye makeup. If you wear mascara daily, it will be better to skip that for at least a couple of days before your lash lift treatment.

Plan Lash Lift Aftercare

Even though a lash lift does not require any special maintenance, you should follow some aftercare tips to ensure that the results last for as long as possible. Note that you cannot wet your lashes for 24 hours after the treatment. Likewise, it is recommended not to wear any eye makeup for a couple of days, so that the natural curls set in properly. After that, you can follow your usual makeup routines. Just make sure to include a good quality lash serum in that as well, which will keep your lashes healthy.