YUMI FEET | 5 Treatment Deluxe Kit

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YUMI feet is the most advanced, pain-free and effective professional-grade solution for callus removal. This is not your basic callus remover; this revolutionary product utilizes innovative technology that completely gets rid of calluses in just 15 minutes with no down time or peeling after.  


Simply apply the pre-cut solution patches to the bottom of the foot, wrap the foot and wait 15 minutes. Then use the plastic duo scraper device to remove excess product, buff away the skin and watch how all the calluses easily shed off. Finish off the treatment by applying the ultra-hydration aftercare cream.


  • Safely and effectively gets through rough skin, taking off thick and stubborn calluses
  • Stimulates the blood flow 
  • Great for clients with diabetes, as it doesn't use metal scrapers

YUMI Feet  | 5 Treatment Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 5 - YUMI Feet Patches
  • 10 - Disposable Buffer Pads
  • 1 - Reusable Duo Device 
  • 1 - Aftercare Cream
  • 1 - Saran Film Wrap
  • 1 - Spa Socks

Cost per treatment - $20.80

Suggested Service Price - $60

Discover the treatment HERE: https://youtu.be/wCrdcIEE4ic